Spirit Contact Poll Results

The most recent question posed on our facebook page asks “In your experience​ as an investigat​or do you feel that spirits want to be contacted or do they want to be left alone?”

While some voted that the spirits do want to be contacted most felt that some want to be contacted while others do not. This seems pretty consistent with what we have experienced during our investigations as well. As you know the majority of our evidence comes in EVP form and a good deal of these audio files sound like they are the direct result of our being there. Some want us there and try to make contact by saying “HEY” or “HI”, in fact we capture “HEY” more than any other word during our investigations. Listen to the following examples captured from some of our cases through the years of spirits that want interaction.

Others seem to suggest that they want to be left alone or that they don’t want us to know they are there.

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