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I know it has been a while since anything has been posted to the website and it has been even longer since we posted any new evidence or case information. The reason we’ve been so quiet lately is that the majority of our cases this year have not gone past the preliminary investigation phase. Many of these cases did not produce sufficient evidence during the preliminary meeting to warrant a full investigation while others seemed to have more natural explanations. There were also a handful of cases where the clients did not wish to proceed any further after hearing what we found during our initial visit. Since we respect the privacy of our clients we decided a long time ago that any case that does not result in a full investigation will not be shown on our website. We do have a few more cases lined up for this year and we will keep you all up to date as evidence becomes available.

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  1. We, your followers, appreciate your honesty on these investigations. There are more then enough so-called Paranormal Groups out there that are more then willing to make things up and exagerate the truth.

  2. I also use my msn email address to keep abreast of PPS activity (gakirby1@msn.com). I don’t want to chance missing anything.

  3. I feel like we were SOOO busy for a such a period. Hopefully it will pick back up soon with this time of year. 😀

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