I have seen this video popping up on my news feed lately and wanted to get some opinions on it.
Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com

The video comes from a store in New Hampshire, at the 51 second mark you will see a glass bowl fly off of the counter and shatter on the floor. What do you think? Is it paranormal or does the bowl move due to some other natural occurrence or is it a hoax?

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  1. I’d have to say, if this is a hoax then one person orchestrated it. I think the cashier lady was genuinely freaked out. I thought it was interesting that the news caster tried “debunking” the claim by showing the window. However- thats not the only way this could have been pulled off. I was to say it’s real. But- thats wishful thinking the cynic in me is saying.

  2. I have watched the clip several times. As with most surveillance cameras; there is rampant pixelation. This is mostly due to lower quality camera usage and a DVR setting of less than 30 frames per second. This explains the choppiness of the clerk’s movement and the apparent foggy movement of the floor and background areas.
    This type video often produces false positive “misty” figures and shadow effects. It also is a great way to mask a length of clear fishing line, wrapped through shelving and pulled from off camera.
    Not saying that is what happened here, but as with many video submittals we have analyzed, without using our equipment, or having additional corroborating evidence, we cannot make an educated comment.

  3. all of the poltergeists i have experienced were into moving things not breaking stuff however i was unable to watch your video it was unavailable. i was unable to watch it, and anything is possible w/green screen these days. I am in search of haunted spots in glenrock pa, steuartstown pa thinking about starting a blogg. got any advice?

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