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In 2009 we were contacted about a possible haunting in Pasadena, now 2 years later that case will be featured on a segment of the Biography Channel’s My Ghost Story.

When we first read the claims that Stacey and Marcie detailed in their haunting report we approached it with our usual skepticism and open mindedness. We did not expect to experience one of the more active homes that we have ever encountered. During our first visit we learned of all of their experiences since moving into the house and were able watch something they caught on their video camera. The video that they captured was unbelievable to the point where our jaws dropped. We asked for a copy to analyze and see if we could lighten it up any and what we found was more amazing than what even Stacey and Marcie were expecting. Our analysis turned up a second instance where an unseen force seems to jump across the bed and then materializes as it leaps off to the side.  This allowed us to proceed with a full investigation of the property and then a follow up a few months later. Unfortunately neither of our investigations turned up anything on video, but we were able to capture some impressive EVPs.

Somewhere in between our 2 investigations we decided to bring Stacey on as an investigator and she will be taking her first lead assignment on a case coming up in the next few months.

In December Stacey and Marcie traveled to Hollywood to tell their story to the Biography Channel. Our founder, Dave, went to tell the investigator’s side.  The episode will air this Saturday, April 2nd at 10:00pm EDT. You can view all of the case details here and for the follow up investigation here.

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  1. How coolis that? So excited for you guys.

  2. I saw the show last night. That video of the thing, entity, whatever jumping up onto -and then off of- the bed was AMAZING. that was one of the creepiest pieces of ghost video I’ve ever seen and I watch all the shows. Watching these shows I always wonder why can’t the owner or investigators put up a motion-detecting security cam with DVR for a day or week and really capture all that movement?

  3. I saw this when I DVRd the My Ghost Story series. Absolutely amazing. Is anyone able to decipher what sort of manifestation this is? I mean does it seem more human or animal. It seems to behave in a human-way but there is something unhuman-looking baout. it. Scared the wits out of me when I watched it again and paused it.

  4. Great show! The thing jumping on and off the bed really frightened me. But what is it?

  5. I don’t think you’re dealing with ghosts but definitely supernatural beings….little people.

  6. Can someone please tell me where I can watch the video clip again? I am amazed by this.

  7. You can keep checking the Biography channel’s website, they often change what videos are available. On their site it is listed as Season 2 Episode 13, if it is not available on there you can watch it on youtube for now, although it may not stay up long since it may have been posted by someone not affiliated with the show. You can also check out our investigation page to see our full notes and evidence by clicking here

  8. a guy i work with told me way before this video aired that he lived in a hose when he was a kid and he saw little troll people. i totally believe in ghost and have experienced many supernatural events in my life and have seen strange things but when he said trolls i did not believe it to much but after video i think he might have told the truth. i cant wait to show him this video

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