Recently we posed a question about the reliability of the Minibox as a paranormal tool on our facebook fan page. The mini-box is an ‘AM band frequency sampler’ used for experimentation of potential two way spirit communication. (similar to a “Frank’s Box” also called a “Ghost Box”) The theory is that spirits modulate sweeping radio band frequencies to form words that can be heard in a real-time scenario, thus allowing the potential for a question and answer session.

Here are some examples of successful minibox sessions that we have conducted over the past few years.

Although we have had some success with these sessions we still feel that it is not very reliable for collecting conclusive evidence of the paranormal. The theory relies on spirits being able to modulate existing radio frequencies to communicate. Because of this the probability of receiving actual voices from a radio broadcast is very high. Because of the high margin of error we feel that more experimentation needs to be conducted and a standard for acceptable responses and response time must be established  before we could consider using this tool on a regular basis.

The majority of those who voted on the poll felt the same way.

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