Ongoing Investigations

Ongoing Investigations are those that we feel need further investigation. These may be because there is too much unknown or that we visit these sites often as is the case with EPP and Cedar Hill Cemetery.

Business Investigations:
Sometimes we are contacted to investigate a place of business. This can add a new level of complexity to a case since we have to work around business schedules and usually a larger number of witnesses. Other factors that we may to consider is building size and security. As with residential cases we take great care to accomodate property/business owner's wishes regarding anonymity and exposure.


There are several theories as to why cemeteries return positive results. At one time it was believed that the dead should be buried on hallowed ground, these grounds were thought to be a portal to the next plane of existence. Another theory states that because we visit the dead at grave yards during life, the dead go back during death to meet their visitors.

Cedar Hill

These have been labeled as other because they don't fit into any other category. These may include historic sites that don't fall into the private residence or place of business categories; or those that don't fit the traditional terms of an investigation, such as Big Circle.

Big Circle
Williamsburg, VA

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