Complete Investigations

Completed investigations are those that have given us a result. All aspects of the investigation are complete and the evidence revealed to the client.

Residential Investigations:
The majority of our cases are of private residences, generally we are contacted through our Report Haunting page or via the phone number listed on our contacts section.
The cases listed below represent the portion of investigations where the property owner has given PPS permission to display evidence from the case on our website. PPS has and will always adhere to our client's desire for privacy. Therefore, case matter where the property owner desires anonymity is not displayed on this website.

Duncan Residence : 2008-04-05
Anonymous Home : 2008-07-11
Southern MD Residence : 2008-08-29
Towson : 2008-12-13
Pasadena, MD : 2009-01-10
Pasadena, MD : 2009-04-25
Broad Channel, NY : 2009-10-10
East Pasadena, MD : 2010-05-22
Eastern Shore, MD : 2011-03-13

Business Investigations:
Sometimes we are contacted to investigate a place of business. This can add a new level of complexity to a case since we have to work around business schedules and usually a larger number of witnesses. Other factors that we may to consider is building size and security. As with residential cases we take great care to accomodate property/business owner's wishes regarding anonymity and exposure.

EPP Training Exercise : 2009-05-29
Central Maryland Funeral Home : 2011-12-03

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