Eastern Shore, MD 2011-03-13

Status: Complete

Property consists of two houses. House 1 was built in 1868, back half built early 1900s.
House 2 was built in 1918-1922. The back section was built in 2003.

Sounds: house 1: footsteps possibly upstairs, not too sure. Former owners thought they heard footsteps.
house 2: A long while ago there use to be sounds of crying from the attic. Another occasion client's daughter and her friend heard whispers upstairs. It went away when checked and came back again once they were downstairs.

Visual: house1: late at night there seems to be a person looking out the kitchen window.
house2: Sometimes when the bedroom doors are open it looks like a shadow is looking in. A female may have appeared in the new bedroom.

Cold spots house1:none
house2: Original upstairs left bedroom and upstairs hallways.

house1: About 20 years ago when the children were little and there seemed to be a girl crying in the attic.
house2: late at night when going to the bathroom when checking outside there seems to feel like someone is watching from the kitchen window.

Team Members: Stacey,Rex,Scott,Crystal,Alyssa

Final Impressions:
The information provided and evidence gathered was from the preliminary investigation. What we captured seemed to tie in with some of the claims, specifically the child's voice and the evp that mentions the name of their neighbor. We felt that this was cause enough to move on to the next phase and conduct a full investigation but unfortunately the clients declined. So for now we will have to close this case, but we will always be open to return if needed.

EVPS: Click Here

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