Central Maryland Funeral Home 2011-12-03

Status: Complete

Family run funeral home in central Maryland. At the request of the client, the name and location of this site will not be disclosed.

  1. Dark Shadows move between rooms
  2. Apparition of a small boy running between rooms
  3. Sound of front door opening and footsteps heard without anyone being seen.
  4. Phantom Smells of: flowers, grape soda, tobacco, and other occurrences that coincide with funeral home client's deceased family members.
  5. Sound of voices through intercom system when system is turned off.
  6. Feeling of something rushing up on clients
  7. threatening voice telling client that they are "not afraid of your God."

Team Members: Dave,Rex,Scott,Crystal,Colleen,Bill,Stacey,Alyssa,Rick,Cindy,Mark

Debunking Procedures:
  1. Test integrity of door and closet door by office.
    • no vacuum created by opening and closing other doors
    • checked main door during summer and winter months, latch was strong and did not show any signs of swelling around the door frame.
  2. headlight check for reported shadow activity
    • shadows caused by cars were easily identifiable as such.
    • these shadows also appeared close to the ceiling which is much too high to explain something that was described as the height of a small child.
  3. check intercom system with walkies and house info transmitter.
    • this test did not yield any results.
    • at times planes could be heard flying overhead we thought a stray radio signal from one of the planes could have caused interference but none did during the investigation.
  4. metal grate on street outside of funeral home made loud click that could possibly explain the door latch sound. The client said that the noises were different.

  5. Final Impressions:
    Due to the nature of this location, being a funeral home, this is obviously a place where souls are in a transitional state. This is most likely the last place a spirit will be with its physical body before burial or cremation. And with so many people who have come through here over the years, I believe that this is why we had a large number of very different types of evps on this investigation. When you view the evps that we captured you will notice that we caught:
    • residual voices
    • intelligent voices that did not want to leave
    • voices of those who wanted to cross over but don't know how
    • kids
    • ...and even wild animals.

    This was an amazing case and its hard to put a label on it since so many different things were going on in the evidence we captured. I truly believe that a place like a funeral home or cemetery could yield any number of types of entities at any given time. This case has given me a few answers about what may happen between the time of death and the time that our body is laid to rest but has ultimately resulted in a bunch of new questions.

    EVPS: Click Here

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