Last December we had an amazing case that took place at a funeral home. To protect our client’s business we will not disclose the name or location of the business or our client to anyone. The clients were generous enough to allow us to post our findings on this website and we are very grateful since we captured some incredible evps during our time there. To view the full case analysis you can go to the Investigations>Complete tab and open up the Central Maryland Funeral Home case or you can click the following link Funeral Home Case. If you want to skip to the EVPS use the navigation bar to go to Evidence>EVP or click here.


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  1. Now that was extremely interesting. I always listen to your EVPs online with my eyes closed, so as not to be influenced by your descriptions printed on the screen. I found most, but not all of the EVPs in this case sounded like what your believed you heard. I must say I’m jealous of you. I would have loved to be there with you on such a fascinating investigation. Good Job!

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