Electronic Voice Phenomena

EVP's are said to be manifestations of voices of ghosts or spirits made audible during replay on electronic recording media, or through digital recordation.
Below are several EVPs that we have captured organized by location.

Big Circle 7 evps.
Big Circle 7 evps.
EPP 5 evps.
Cedar Hill 7 evps.
EPP2008-01-11 5 evps.
EPP2008-03-06 5 evps.
Duncan Residence2008-04-05 2 evps.
Cedar Hill2008-05-15 7 evps.
Anonymous Home2008-07-11 4 evps.
Southern MD Residence2008-08-29 28 evps.
Pasadena, MD2009-01-10 26 evps.
Pasadena, MD2009-01-10 26 evps.
Williamsburg, VA2009-08-15 2 evps.
Broad Channel, NY2009-10-10 27 evps.
East Pasadena, MD2010-05-22 19 evps.
Eastern Shore, MD2011-03-13 9 evps.
Central Maryland Funeral Home2011-12-03 18 evps.

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