In March of 2011 we were contacted by a client on Maryland’s Eastern shore. During our normal process of investigating we met with the client to learn about the property and get some preliminary audio evidence. Doing this lets us gauge the likelihood of capturing evidence on a full investigation, in other words, if we can get good results in a short 2 hour meeting we should be able to do the same in a 6+ hour investigation. While we did capture some good results, the clients unfortunately declined a full investigation. This of course if perfectly acceptable and we want to do whatever is most convenient for our clients. Since it has been over a year, we decided to close the case, of course if they ever need anything we will be happy to help. They did give us permission to post our findings from the preliminary investigation which you can view by going to the Investigations -> Complete tab and selecting Eastern Shore, MD or you can simply click here.

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  1. The history for this property was rich. That might have been the best part. 😛 I love the new format for viewing EVPs. Looks great Rex!!! 😀

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