Our Team:

Rick - Director and Lead Investigator "To me paranormal research means using an impartial scientific method and professional approach to try and answer questions about what may happen to us after this life. We may never truly understand what happens to us but that should not discourage us from trying to understand and discover the answers."
Bill - Investigator / Equipment Specialist "My past, personal experience with the paranormal created my interest in finding out more". "This is a challenging field and I want to capture something that no one else has captured before".
Colleen - Investigator "I have felt the pain of losing loved ones in my life. Personally, I want to know that the physical end is not finality, but a beginning of something new. For others, I want to help them find comfort with the unknown they are experiencing in their lives".
James - Investigator trainee "I've always had an inclination of there being something on the other side. While I haven't had any true experiences, the chance to bring answers to questions of people, or help people who cannot live in peace and normalcy due to unexplainable events is a truly rewarding feeling."
Stacey - Investigator "I have always wanted to know what happens to us after we pass on. I have always thought energy can't just cease to exist but instead it changes form or moves to another realm. I would like to be able to prove that theory and find answers through a scientific approach and gather evidence that can be taken on a serious professional level. Through my own personal experiences I understand it can be difficult to live with the presence of a spirit or entity. I would like to help others understand what it is and be able to accept and have peace with it."
Cindy - Investigator "Growing up in the south with all the stories and superstitions served to peak my curiosity. I have had many personal experiences over the years and have always wanted to learn more about the paranormal. It is such a wonderful opportunity to get investigate such things and to help those in need ...on both sides!"
Mark - Investigator "I've always been fascinated by the paranormal and often wondered why they stay instead of moving on..Are they uncertain or do they want to get messages out to someone either family or friend. I want to help those who need to know."
Alyssa - Investigator/Counselor "Growing up on my grandmother's ghost stories created a healthy curiosity for me with the unknown from a young age. Hopefully through this journey I will be able to discover answers to my own questions about what is 'beyond the veil', as well as, help others to a sense of closure. Researching the paranormal is a rather new and untouched science, I am ecstatic to be a part of it!"
Tom - Investigator "I have spent my life looking for answers to things i didn't understand. I had an experience when i was young that had alot more questions then answers, I hope to answer these questions for myself and for others who are either skeptics or afraid to find out for themselves. I'm excited to learn from PPS and share my knowledge!"

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