Digital Video Recorder(DVR):
Gives us the ability to record video from multiple cameras simultaneously. We currently have the ability to use 8 cameras which give us a broader coverage area

IR Cameras:
Used with the DVR allows us to monitor several rooms without needing investigator control. The infrared technology allows the cameras to see in total darkness.

EMF Detector:
Allows the investigator to see changes in Electro-Magnetic Field, this change could indicate the presence of an entity. This tool can be used to explain person's uneasy feelings, a naturally high EMF can cause feelings of dizziness, paranoia and/or nausea which could give the impression that an area is haunted. Natural causes could be exposed wiring, old electrical equipment, etc..

K2 Meter:
Another type of EMF detector, the K2 measures EMFs at a higher range.

Digital Voice Recorder:
The digital voice recorder allows us to conduct EVP sessions to capture the disembodied voices of spirits check out the EVP section HERE

Infrared Thermometer:
Allows investigators to measure temperature from a distance without affecting it with their own body heat. This thermometer has an ambient temp. probe that allows one to measure the surrounding air temperature and the laser targeted temperature at the same time.

Digital Thermometer:
Another thermometer that measures only ambient air temperature.

Wired Audio System with Condenser Microphones
This allows us to record remotely using very sensitive microphones and input those signals to our lap-top. It also allows the Tech team to monitor the investigation and respond to instructions from the investigators without the need to utilize walkie-talkies (which are known to produce false-positive EMF & K2 readings)

Allow team members to keep in contact with each other and the tech center during investigations.
With the addition of our wired audio system, the need for these radios will become less important.

Wireless AM Transmitter
provides a wireless connection to a remote microphone that is received by an AM receiver housed in the tech center.


The mini-box is an 'AM band frequency sampler' used for experimentation of potential two way spirit communication. (similar to a "Frank's Box") The theory is that spirits modulate sweeping radio band frequencies to form words that can be heard in a real-time scenario, thus allowing the potential for a question and answer session.

The Paranormal Data Logger or PDL for short is a new tool/software designed by PPS to help with recording temperature and EMF levels in several locations at once. With wireless remote sensors placed around an investigation site the PDL will record the ambient temperature and report back to a computer located in the tech center. The computer will be running a custom program that will record and graph the data in real time. This will free up investigators from constantly trying to read digital displays on EMF and Thermometers when they should be alert to their surroundings. Each sensor may be in static locations or carried by investigators.

The TRIPWIRE is another custom designed tool to use in the aid of paranormal investigation. The tripwire is set up to use a laser beam reflected several times using small mirrors into a photo-sensitive resistor, once the beam is broken an ALERT window will be displayed on a computer screen in the tech center noting the date and time. The theory behind this is that if an entity can block out enough light to cast a shadow it should be able to block the amplified light from a laser.
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