AFTERLIFE: A life or existence believed to follow death

ANIMAL SPIRIT: Visible, audible or olfactory energies of a once living animal

ANNIVERSARY IMPRINT: Spirit or haunting that is most active during a specific

calendar period (day, week, month) This date may coincide with known dates of death or other emotional events associated with dead entities.

ANOMALY: Any abnormality in video, audio or photographs found during the analysis portion of an investigation.

APPARITION: a supernatural appearance of a person or thing, esp. a ghost, a specter or phantom

AUDITORY: Relating to the sense of hearing

AURA: Invisible colorful energy field that surrounds outer bodies of all living things.

CLAIRVOYANT: A person who has the power of seeing objects or actions beyond the range of natural vision.

COLD SPOT: An unexplainable, cold area in an environment with an otherwise warm or natural temperature range.

DEMONIC: An evil, non-human entity determined to torment or harm humans.

DIMENSIONAL DISCONTINUITY: Parallel universe out-of-phase with the one we live in. When this universe aligns with ours, gateways may form which could be portals for spirits.

DREAM COMMUNICATION: A method by which recently passed spirits communicate to their surviving loved ones through dreams to relay messages, say goodbye or other concerns.

EARTHBOUND SOULS: Human spirits that chose to remain on an earthly plain rather than move forward into the Light or other dimensions.

ECTOPLASM: Spirit energy appearing in the form of a wispy white vapor, fog or mist containing swirls or streaks. This may manifest as cloud-like masses left behind from fast moving orbs, vortices and as apparitions. Or the visible substance believed to emanate from the body of a spiritualistic medium during communication with the dead.

EMF: (Electromagnetic Field) The field of force associated with electric charge in motion, having both electric and magnetic components and containing a definite amount of electromagnetic energy. Paranormal investigators have found throughout the course of their research over the years that spirits manifest themselves by feeding off of energy. Many times at genuinely haunted locations batteries and electrical equipment in general lose their "juice" very fast.

EVP: (Electronic Voice Phenomena) are said to be manifestations of voices of ghosts or spirits made audible during replay on electronic recording media, or through digital audio recording.

ENTITY: A human, animal or non-human spirit

EXORCISM: Religious ceremony used to expel evil spirits

EXORCIST: A person who expels an evil spirit or demon

EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION (ESP): Knowledge or perception without the use of any of the five senses. ESP includes clairvoyance, telepathy, and precognition.

FALSE ANOMALIES: Any unexplained phenomena captured by instrumentation or film that appears to be a true paranormal manifestation but which, in fact, can be explained by natural or environmental conditions.

GAUSS: Scientific measurement denoting magnetic energy strength.

GHOST: A ghost is the soul or spirit of a deceased person, which appears or otherwise makes its presence known to the living

GHOST HUNTER: Person who actively searches for ghosts, spirits or other paranormal phenomena in order to study or identify them.

GHOST LIGHTS: Floating spectral lights resembling flames or balls.

GHOST VEHICLE: Land vehicles that suddenly appear then disappear in the blink of an eye. Ghost cars and trains are often seen and heard speeding past before evaporating into thin air.

GUARDIAN: Spirits who return to warn family members of imminent danger.

HAUNTING: A specific location where paranormal activity occurs regularly.

HOAX: Anything deliberately faked or being passed of as legitimate paranormal phenomena for the purpose of notoriety, money, or other personal gain.

HOT SPOT: Any area with a higher than average temperature inconsistent with the environment. This could also describe a location with a high occurrence of paranormal activity.

INTELLIGENT HAUNTING: Intelligent hauntings are those in which the ghost interacts with the present. It is intelligent, in that it may communicate with those on the earthly plane.

INVESTIGATION: The act of a group of researchers studying a location and documenting paranormal phenomena.

MANIFESTATION: The appearance of a spirit energy, ghost or apparition visible to the naked eye or caught on film.

MEDIUM: A person who channels spirit energy through themselves in an attempt to communicate with the dead. A Medium may also be called a channeler.

METAPHYSICS: Study of events beyond or outside of man's understanding of classical physics

OLFACTORY: Relating to the sense of smell

ORB: A circular-shaped ball of spirit energy believed to contain the soul, personality and emotions of a deceased person or animal. WE AT PPS SELDOM CONSIDER PHOTOS OF ORBS AS EVIDENCE. Most photos of these so-called orbs can be explained by many things such as dust, bugs, dirt on the camera lens, a flash from another camera, head lights from a car, IR light from a night vision camera, etc.

PARANORMAL: Anything that is beyond logical or scientific explanation. "Beyond Normal"

PARAPSYCHOLOGY: The study of unexplainable phenomena such as telepathy, clairvoyance and psycho kinesis

POLTERGEIST: Means noisy-ghost in German and despite the name refers to a psychokinetic manifestation rather than a spirit manifestation. Psycho kinesis is psychic phenomena generated by a living person, usually an adolescent with pent up negative energies. These energies may produce loud, sometimes destructive results, which mimic true spiritual events.

PORTAL: A multidimensional gateway, which spirits of the dead may enter or exit from their world into ours. This may be accomplished via a vortex.

POSSESSION: The act of a malevolent spirit or demon taking over the body of a human or animal, manipulating it for its own purposes.

PRECOGNITION: Clairvoyant knowledge of something prior to its happening.

PREMONITION: A psychic forewarning of a foreboding event.

PRESENCE: Any spirit energy on an earthbound plane.

RAPPINGS: Loud knocks or hits against surfaces often produced by spirits. These rapping sounds may be associated with boisterous energies seeking attention or recognition by humans.

RESIDUAL HAUNTING: Any haunting where spirits are seen repeating the same actions, behaviors, or movements over and over again in the exact same way. This is also known as the psychic imprint.

REVENANT: A recently departed spirit who returns very briefly to make contact with loved ones. This may serve as an act of closure before going on to the afterlife.

SEANCE: A metaphysical ritual performed by a medium with a gathering of people to make contact with the dead.

SENSITIVE: Someone who can feel the presence of spirit energy through any of the five senses.

SLEEP PARALYSIS: A sleep disorder where a person half-awakens during the night. This causes the brain and the body to be out of sync and renders the individual paralyzed. Commonly those who experience sleep paralysis get the feeling of pressure on their body, as if some force was holding them down. Hallucinations often occur, mainly auditory but those who can open their eyes often see beings trying to attack them. Old superstitions used to call this 'the witch on your back' before science found an explanation.

SOUL: The continuing electromagnetic energy field of a human or animal retaining all the characteristics of the once living soul, body and mind.

SPIRIT: Electromagnetic and electrostatic energies containing the soul, personality and intelligence, which survive after the death of a human or animal.

SPIRIT VOICES: Capturing the voices of spirits on audiotape. EVP

SPIRITUALIST: A person with the philosophy, doctrine or belief that the dead communicate with the living.

SPOOK: Dutch word meaning ghost.

STILL: A single still photograph

TELEPATHY: Communication between minds by exercising psychic powers and without the use of the normal five senses.

THE LIGHT: A portal or entranceway into the afterlife or another dimension and is used by spirits to leave an earthbound existing.

VAPOR APPARITION: A misty white ghost

VORTEX: A white, tornado-shaped, ectoplasmic form that usually appears during family gatherings or celebrations. They may also be the transport mechanics through which orbs travel in and out of our dimension.

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