PPS Code of Ethics
At no time during any investigation, interviews, evidence analysis, or anytime you represent PPS, will any member be under the influence of alcohol, or narcotics.

Anyone found to be in violation of this rule shall be dismissed from the investigation. A second infraction warrants suspension from the group until a meeting is conducted to address your status.

No freelance investigations - Any and all investigations by any PPS member shall be under the permission and guidance of the group's founding members. At no time shall any member act on their own volition, enter into agreements for investigations, or otherwise represent PPS without the sanction of the founding members. Any violation of this rule is cause for immediate expulsion from the group.

At no time during any pre-investigation, investigation, or post investigation shall any PPS member act in a non-professional manner. Horse play, obscene language, comments pertaining to the client's home, or person is forbidden. There shall be no smoking at any time on the property of the client. Smoking breaks outside the property are permitted as long as they do not interfere with the investigation and are approved by the lead investigator on the case.

Should any member be found fabricating, or altering any evidence in an investigation, the member shall be immediately expelled from the group. Our credibility shall be our cornerstone and professionalism and factual evidence are the keys to our success in this very competitive area.

In cases where we are investigating a case in a private home, or business, we must remember that the owner (s) is/are under a certain level of duress. All questions pertaining to the status of the investigation, or what we think is the cause of the paranormal events must be directed to the lead investigator.

Potential members must be interviewed and approved by the founding members. Anyone wishing to join the group will be asked to apply and interview prior to acceptance.

All equipment owned, or loaned by a PPS member must be cared for as if it were your own. There are no cheap investigation tools. Anyone willfully showing disrespect for PPS equipment will be discharged immediately and is responsible for the repair, or replacement of the equipment.

Investigations will, whenever possible be scheduled on weekends so that interruption to your life is minimized. However, if you select to work an investigation, it is imperative for you to complete that investigation. Understaffing compromises our ability to provide sufficient investigative coverage and jeopardizes the safety of our members. Failure to attend necessary meetings and to complete investigations may lead to your expulsion from the group.

At no time will any member solicit payment for our services. Any donations shall be directed towards the lead investigator. Our services are completely free and donations shall not be solicited.
At no time either prior to, during, or forever following an investigation shall any member divulge any personal information pertaining to an investigation unless the lead investigator informs you otherwise. No member is to return to the investigative site, or publicize any information pertaining to the investigation unless authorized by the lead investigator as part of the investigation. The client's privacy must be assured by all members.

Although PPS is comprised of family and friends, we shall not act with favoritism in the enforcement of our ethics. There must be a separation of friendships and members for this group to succeed.

We are involved in paranormal research. Anyone looking for a thrill, a good time or that wants to be a Ghost Buster should look elsewhere. This is not what we are about. We look for answers to unknown questions about life, death and what lies between. Our main focus is and always will be the Client. It is their lives and fears that we are addressing and we must at all times be mindful of that. While we will enjoy the work we do and encourage camaraderie between members, we must at all times remain a professionally run operation.

Our methods and scientific approach will allow us to investigate more famous venues. With time and dedicated effort, we will become the premier paranormal research group in Maryland and perhaps beyond.

Rev A. - 04/30/08
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