My Ghost Story-Air Date

In 2009 we were contacted about a possible haunting in Pasadena, now 2 years later that case will be featured on a segment of the Biography Channel’s My Ghost Story.

When we first read the claims that Stacey and Marcie detailed in their haunting report we approached it with our usual skepticism and open mindedness. We did not expect to experience one of the more active homes that we have ever encountered. During our first visit we learned of all of their experiences since moving into the house and were able watch something they caught on their video camera. The video that they captured was unbelievable to the point where our jaws dropped. We asked for a copy to analyze and see if we could lighten it up any and what we found was more amazing than what even Stacey and Marcie were expecting. Our analysis turned up a second instance where an unseen force seems to jump across the bed and then materializes as it leaps off to the side.  This allowed us to proceed with a full investigation of the property and then a follow up a few months later. Unfortunately neither of our investigations turned up anything on video, but we were able to capture some impressive EVPs.

Somewhere in between our 2 investigations we decided to bring Stacey on as an investigator and she will be taking her first lead assignment on a case coming up in the next few months.

In December Stacey and Marcie traveled to Hollywood to tell their story to the Biography Channel. Our founder, Dave, went to tell the investigator’s side.  The episode will air this Saturday, April 2nd at 10:00pm EDT. You can view all of the case details here and for the follow up investigation here.


Super Moon?

Today the moon will pass closer to the Earth than it has been in almost 2 decades. At 3pm EST the moon will pass through its closest point of 221,565 miles which may make it appear larger in the sky leading some to label it a “Super Moon”.  According to scientists the moon at its peak today may appear 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than normal. There are those who claim that  super moons are responsible for causing natural disasters, such as the earthquake in Japan but  according to seismologist “you see a less-than-1-percent increase in earthquake activity, and a slightly higher response in volcanoes.”  Scientists from the US Geological Survey noted that the earthquake in Japan happened 1 week before the “super” full moon and nearly 1 week after the new moon, new and full moons being the times when the moon’s gravitational pull have the greatest effect on Earth. The earthquake happened when the gravitational pull on earth was at its weakest providing the best piece of evidence that the two events are unrelated.

You may be asking yourself why I am posting this as Pasadena Paranormal has never posted anything related to astrology, geology, weather patterns or psychic predictions. Well the truth is that there are several theories, some good some bad, about paranormal activity in relation to the phases of the moon.  As a young group we have not had the chance to study the effects extensively enough to come to any sort of conclusion. But I can confirm that we have seen a recent increase in reported hauntings over the past month which is unusual for this time of year, normally we see more in the summer and fall months than in the spring. What do you think is it possible that this so called super moon could have an effect on the level of paranormal activity?



Anybody who has visited our site knows how much we at PPS love those little circular objects that show up in photos called “ORBS”. In case you are new to the site and could not tell by the italicized word love, I was being sarcastic, see my post from last may to learn more. Today while checking the PPS  facebook page I saw a status update from someone showing several pictures with “orbs” in them. I was going to send a friendly comment explaining how his photos were created and a link to the ASSAP site but then I started reading some of the other comments and decided it was just not worth it. In one of the shots is a blue “orb” and the comments ranged from what does it mean to “It’s like this one was a beauty queen while the others were average people”(this was a direct quote).  When if they took the time to do a simple web search they would find out that it is actually the ghost of a smurf, just kidding. A blue colored  circular anomaly is caused by an incorrect white balance, which is very common in low light, it can cause a blue hue on certain objects since there is no natural white in the frame and the camera is overcompensating.  The topper though was a comment from a woman to a link with this picture

Unfortunately people who make up things like this give the rest of us believers a bad name. Let me know what you think.

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