Why did you join Pasadena Paranormal?

I joined PPS because I wanted to learn more about the investigation side of things and I wanted to be part of a team with similar interests in the paranormal.  I have had many experiences in the past and was curious to see if I could catch something paranormal and also to help others that are experiencing something strange, to either find explanations for them or proof.

Have you ever had a paranormal experience prior to your involvement with PPS?

Yes, after my father -in-law passed away I had 3 separate occasions when I “saw” him.  The first time it happened I was in my kitchen, cleaning out my cabinets; I had stuff stacked on the countertop and out of the corner of my eye I saw a stack of tupperware bowls start to fall and before I could move I saw my father-in-law reach over and push them back so they wouldn’t fall and as I turned my head to look where he would have been standing….no-one was there.  I was home alone when this happened.  He visited me twice more.  I have also had several other paranormal experiences.

What do you hope the group achieves?

I would like for our group to be able to catch something definite on audio or video. That would just be awesome!  I hope that with each and every investigation we do that we can help someone to find answers and/or peace in their home or work place.

What do you hope to achieve for yourself?

For myself, I love the opportunity to work with such a wonderful team of people and to learn so much about the investigative process.  Helping others is such a great part of what we get to do. And most of all I want to make contact or catch a voice on audio or just find a simple explanation for some experiences someone has.

Other biographical information:

I am an office manager, I am also a licensed Real Estate Agent and Personal Assistant, I also have a couple of other hats that I wear as well. My other interests include my family and spending as much time with them as I can, we have weekly game night which is always a lot of fun.  I love gardening and reading is very high on my list of fun things to do.  I really enjoy making things with my hands like sewing, candle making, floral arranging, working with herbs.  I used to dance competitively and taught dance for a long time, now I do Tai Chi several times a week.  When I was going to school for Massage Therapy I discovered meditation, I meditate frequently and sometimes have group meditations at my home. I have become pretty good at pool and enjoy playing with our friends as family. My list of interests could be a long one so I will end it here!  : )


Dave is one of the founders of The Pasadena Paranormal Society

Why did you join Pasadena Paranormal?

In March of 2007, I lost my Brother-in-Law, Adam Swick suddenly to Sarcoidosis. His death at the young age of 30 left our family with a deep sense of loss. My wife, in particular was experiencing a horrific, debilitating sadness. She struggled with the belief that Adam’s soul continues to live on. Although my belief that our Lord had welcomed Adam into heaven gave me comfort, I was not able to instill this feeling in my wife.

On July 4th of that year, myself and my niece’s husband Brian ‘Scott’ Duncan began discussing (over quite a few beers) the subject of continuation of the soul and how we could try to prove that fact to others, and PPS was born. On a limited budget and little experience, we began to study the subject ‘ad nauseam’ and envisioned what we thought we wanted the group to be. We were both fans of the growing genre of paranormal shows and almost instinctively knew what we didn’t want the group to be; more so than what we knew what we wanted it to be.

Have you ever had a paranormal experience prior to your involvement with PPS (if yes describe)? – I have unfortunately never had a previous paranormal experience. I tend to be the group’s biggest skeptic and perhaps the lack of paranormal exposure fueled that skepticism. I believe that the spiritual soul continues beyond physical death, but without personal experience, it was only my faith that drove that belief. Now that I have experienced this for myself, there is no longer room for any doubt. I still review each case with an analytical raised eyebrow, but I think that lends quality to the evidence we garner.

What do you hope the group achieves?

I am very proud of where we are as a group for the short amount of time we have been together. I believe our desire to set ourselves apart from the cookie-cutter paranormal groups and aligning ourselves with members who feel the same conviction continues to shape the group. I think both Scott and I have never wanted an “It’s our group, so this is the way it is going to be” attitude. We are only successful as a group due to the diversity of our member’s and their input onto the way we change. We threw out a code of ethics and a beginning structure and through the efforts of everyone involved; PPS has taken on a life of its own.

I think our focus on the client’s needs as being our primary reason for group’s existence is a good one. We have discovered that our individual needs that brought us to this group in the first place are being satisfied as a natural extension of our work with the clients. We are constantly tweaking the way we do things and trial and error have become good friends of ours. We are now developing the area of paranormal investigations that we believe may be the most important service we could provide; helping the clients to cope with their experiences on an ongoing basis. After the investigation is complete and the reveal is done, the clients are left to sort through what they are experiencing and how to cope with that. We need to do a much better job of continuing to support the client on a perpetual basis than we have done in the past. I think we will be a much better group from this realization and effort.

What do you hope to achieve for yourself?

My personal needs have not changed from that July 4th party. My wife continues to struggle and although I don’t know if I can ever use our work with PPS to make a difference in her life, I pray that I can in the lives of others. I consider myself very fortunate to be included as part of this group and there is no doubt in my mind that we will continue to improve who we are and what we can provide to this field and those it affects.

Other biographical information

I am 51 years old, married to the love of my life for 24 years and have a beautiful thirteen year old daughter (God help me).


Meet the investigators

Over the next month this site will have updated posts about each of our investigators. These posts will be entitled Meet The Investigators and will allow our readers and clients get to know us a little better. These posts will also be linked to from our Team Members page so that you may view this information at anytime in the future. The first post will appear tomorrow and will continue each week until all of our team members have been introduced.


Even with the majority of ghost hunters standing by their statements that orbs are nothing more than dust there are still those who refuse to believe it. These people consistently point out the floating round anomalies saying things as “this is a spirit that is not strong enough to manifest completely” or “look how many ghosts are in this picture” or event “I’ll never go back in that dusty attic again there’s ghosts up there.”  We at PPS do not believe that orbs are anything but dust or the occasional bug and will not accept any such “evidence” as proof of a haunting. The ASSAP site that we have linked on the right has a great explanation of how orbs are created when the picture is taken but even with that some refuse to accept the truth. They offered up arguments about how orbs can be real if 2 or more cameras take a picture at the same time and the “orb” only appears in one of them. They dismiss the fact that its hard to take to completely simultaneous pictures and that in the microsecond difference of the clicks the dust particle may have moved. It was also hard to prove this since each camera only has one lens and it is almost impossible to get two completely different cameras to sync up exactly. That is until now, when a fellow ghost hunter by the name of Steve Parsons from Para Science in UK bought a new Fuji 3d camera conducted an experiment. The 3d camera has two separate lenses and shutters that will take pictures at the exact same time, the lenses are spaced apart so that they may be put together and viewed with 3d glasses. However in this case Dr. Parsons examined each individual frame to determine if the “orb” was dust or a spirit. Here is the article written by Para.science and the results. http://www.parascience.org.uk/articles/orbkill.htm

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