In our last post we mentioned that with residual hauntings nothing could be done since the entity doesn’t really know about its existence or yours.Intelligent hauntings pose a different set of challenges, first there is the trouble of proving that it actually is intelligent. To do this an investigator would have to collect enough evidence that shows clear responses to questions or commands that are not coincidence and then follow up with a second line of questions that yield the same level of response.

The next challenge is deciding how to handle the situation. It may be possible to communicate that you do not wish to be bothered but be careful how you express your request. Some groups may tell you to demand that they leave and that you must make it known that this is “your house” or that they are dead
and need to move on. I have a serious problem with this mainly because it is not proven to work and may be dangerous. When you yell at anyone, living or dead, you run the risk of making them angry. For this reason PPS will not in any way provoke anything that may be in your house, after all we get to go home after the investigation you still have to live there. Other groups will insist on getting clergy involved, this typically only works with non-human or demonic entities, so it probably will not work either.

What it all comes down to is that this used to be a person and may still reason like one. Your best bet may be to communicate with it in a calm non-threating manner. If it retained any of its humanity it may listen or it may just be comfortable where it is and not want to leave. If it does stick around after asking it to leave at least you won’t have to worry about it being angry.


Yesterday I posted about how PPS should not be thought of as ghost busters since we cannot claim to be removers of ghosts. I mentioned that the evidence and type of haunting will dictate the direction we take in order to resolve our client’s fears. A lot of times what seems like a sign of a haunting or malignant spirit may actually be explained by natural causes. This is why we don’t speculate on the type of haunting or course of action until a full investigation is complete and all evidence is analyzed. Which brings me to my main point of discussion for today, Residual hauntings.

A residual haunting is Any haunting where spirits are seen repeating the same actions, behaviors, or movements over and over again in the exact same way. It is most often compared to a tape that plays in a continuous loop and the entity has no knowledge of the individuals or environment around it. In this type of haunting nothing can really be done to get rid of the spirit since the “tape” will keep playing over-and-over again whether somebody is there or not. Some people believe that helping the spirit by telling it that it is no longer living that this will help it “move on.” This has not been proven to work as many still encounter the same experiences. This of course does make sense since the entity has no knowledge of your existence it would not be possible to communicate and telling it to move on would be as effective as telling your DVR (VCR for you older folks) to willfully leave your home.


Who ya gonna call?

There is an impression that paranormal investigators are in fact “ghost busters” this of course is inaccurate and conveys a belief that we will come in with proton packs and other fancy equipment and leave with your ghosts in tow. True, during our investigations we will bring in equipment but this is to document and capture evidence of your reported activity rather than remove the ghosts from your home.

Once it is determined that a house is haunted we will then provide some options on how to handle the situation.  As we’ve mentioned before hauntings fall into several different categories and how we proceed will be based on what the evidence shows.

Over the next few days we will post how PPS proceeds with different types of hauntings.

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