Picton Cemetery Ghosts

I came across an article Here about a ghost tour in Picton, New South Wales Australia where a photo take by a woman appears to show 2 children. The photographer and others swear that no children were present during the tour. According to local legends it is believed that the photo shows David Shaw and Blanche Moon who died 60 years apart and adds to the myriad of ghost stories that surround this part of Australia.  Renee English, who took the photo said:

“When we were standing at the bank looking into the Cemetery I was just snapping away and making jokes about the whole thing and asking when the ghosts were going to come out, I know that when I took that photo there was no-one else in the cemetery. The only people we saw were a family of four about 10 minutes later but those kids were clinging to their parents the whole time.”

photo from picton cemetery

Picture taken January 9th at St Mark's Cemetery in New South Wales

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PPS Update

Its been almost 3 weeks since the launch of our new website and you are probably wondering what we’ve been up to. We are preparing for the upcoming year, organizing our upcoming cases and deciding which experiments we would like to conduct this year. We have a few cases lined up but they are still in the preliminary stage so we will not post any information regarding those cases until we decide if an investigation is needed. We will also be finishing up some of our open cases, it is our policy not to post any evidence until our clients have a chance to review it, once we hold our “reveal” then we will post any evidence captured during an investigation.

Along with the investigations and experiments we will also be analyzing our visitor’s audio, video and pictures. If you have something you would like us to look at or listen to you may use the email link under the contact menu. We will accept most audio and video formats as well as all image formats. Please include in the email if you would like us to share the picture/video/evp and our analysis on our website. We of course will honor any requests to keep any or all of your information private.

I would also like to ask our readers to share your paranormal experiences, these may be stories that have happened to you or someone you know or even something that you made up, but please tell us if it is true or false. I will start making monthly posts containing a mixture of true and false stories and it will be up to our readers to decide which is which by voting, answers will be revealed the following month.

So start thinking about your experiences and stories for February, any responses I receive after the stories are posted will automatically be pushed to the next month.

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