Happy New Year/New Site

Happy New Year from Pasadena Paranormal.

2009 was an exciting year with an increased caseload and some new members joining our team and our first major out of state investigation. We also began conducting some experiments to support some of the theories about the paranormal.

Hopefully we will have an even better year in 2010, we already have a few cases in the works and should have more information about them in the coming months. There will also be more experiments this year as well.

We decided to start the new year with a new and improved website, with this new version we hope to expand our web awareness by further integrating into the social networking universe. This site is now linked directly to our twitter, facebook and myspace accounts and any comments posted to our posts can be shared directly on your facebook wall with a simple check box.

Our contact pages have changed slightly, now you will be able to ask a question that will appear on our FAQ or you can send us a private email with a file (picture, audio, video) to be analyzed.

Thanks to all of our supporters out there we hope you enjoy the new site and if you haven’t done so sign up to receive email alerts whenever we add new information.


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