I was reading some updates from some of our twitter followers today and found the following video. This is from a group called ParaAbnormal, they are based out of Ellicott City, MD and are about to start their own web series starting September 1st. Keep in mind that the name of the group is ParaAbnormal and anyone who is a fan or at least seen any of the popular Ghost Hunting shows will find this very funny. There are 3 clips available on youtube as a sneak peak and here is the first:

Case 01 – Part 1: ParaAbnormal Sex Tape – SNEAK PEEK


Gravity Hill Experiment

We conducted a series of tests on a reported Gravity hill over the weekend. The results can be found on our experiments page under urban legends. Or directly link from here http://www.pasadenaparanormal.com/exp.php?title=Gravity%20Hill%201


4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

Of course the 4th of July has significance to every American, but it has extra meaning to the members of PPS since our group was founded on the 4th of July.

So Happy Anniversary PPS!

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