K2Comment and response

We received the following comment regarding our k2 experiment:

“If you think getting 20 feet out of an FRS walkie setting off a K2 is good, how far do you think a transmitter from a police, ambulance, business or Ham radio running several THOUSAND times the power would get? Then multiply that by 10 if they point a yagi your way. It’s not just your equipment that can set off a K2.”

Our response:

Thanks for the comment, the whole point of this experiment is to find out what can cause false hits so that we´╗┐ can try to rule it out in the future. We are not like most groups in that we don’t take k2 hits or emf spikes as definite proof of paranormal activity, rather we document it to see if it correspond to other evidence/experiences we encounter at the same time. If this is the case then we feel it supports the emf/paranormal theory. I’ll try to find a way to test your other theories.


Experiment Posted

The results for our K2 false hits experiment have been posted to the Experiments page. Go to the Experiments tab on the navigation menu and select Equipment or click HERE

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