Want to hunt ghosts on your Nintendo DSi???

“A Different Game”, a Swedish game developer has begun porting the augmented reality game “Ghostwire” to the Nintendo DSi. “Ghostwire” was originally developed for smart phones as part of the Nokia N-Gage Mobile Games Innovation Challenge in 2008 and has since been in development for other handheld devices.

“Using the DSi’s built-in camera and microphone, the game allows you to find and hunt ghosts seen through the camera lens and projected onto the real world…. Ghostwire is a collection- and adventure game, where you use your handheld device to communicate with ghosts. Your portable device is used as a portal to the astral plane, and helps you find and collect ghosts that exist all around you. In your quest you use real tools, such as the built-in camera and microphone, as well as abstract ones like a “frequency modulator” for tuning in ghosts. Once you find the spirits, you document them and find out why they haunt our world. They can also give you riddles to solve. Ultimately, you can help them to find peace.” -ghostwiregame.com

For more information, please visit: http://www.ghostwiregame.com


5/18/09 Site Update

There is a new feature coming to the PPS website, an Experiments section. While the pages are currently empty we will be conducting experiments in the very near future to fill them. We hope to prove or debunk some of the claims that are commonly associated with the paranormal field. The experiment pages have been broken down into 3 main categories:

Theories, which will attempt to prove the specific theories that we have heard or developed ourselves.

Equipment, here we will attempt to find the most accurate way of using our equipment by testing for limitations or false positives.

Urban Legends, these will be more rare as most urban legends have been retold so many times it would be too hard to verify any validity of the original story. Some though, may have roots here in Maryland’s history and hopefully we can find out what really happened to cause the legend to appear.

Once we conduct the experiment we will post the results and all data gathered along with a youtube video documenting the experiment.

We hope that you enjoy this new addition to our site and if you have something you would like us to test out please let us know by sending an email to help@pasadenaparanormal.com.

If it was your decision, what direction would you take the field of Paranormal Investigation? or How would you like to see the field evolve in the future?

Dave: As with any field, there are numerous sub-factions of paranormal investigators. You have: serious minded individuals and groups whose focus is strictly research, groups that deal primarily with helping clients with purported hauntings, and groups as we tend to do, attempt to do both.

Then you have the thrill-seekers. The kids with a new toy that make it virtually impossible to advance the field without cutting through the stigma they cause. If it were a single thing I could change, it would be to cancel all the TV shows and let these people go back to their Dungeons and Dragons game, leaving those with focused attention in contributing to the study; do so without their “muddying the waters”.

From the standpoint of the research arm of the paranormal, I’d love to see researchers combine their efforts to support, debunk, or amend the theories that currently exist. From a combined effort, replication of test results may induce other researchers who dismiss these studies currently to contribute. We are developing our own spins on currently accepted theories and hope to offer the paranormal community, something to consider.

James: I would like to take the world of paranormal investigating to the fore front. Make it a more respected science than as some people treat it as. With the technology we have the sky is the limit in our investigative techniques. Helping out our clients with troubled entities to helping the police with possible evps at a crime scene. I know it sounds unusual but if it were my way, the world would respect paranormal investigation a lot more.

Rex: For me I’d like to see a clear set of standards that would need to be followed by all paranormal groups. Any skeptic will tell you that the reason people don’t take this field seriously is because the claims and theories can not be replicated on demand. If all evidence was held to the same standards I believe it would grant more credibility to the field even if the results could not be replicated. The problem is that each group out there has their own way of doing things and most disagree on what should be counted as evidence. At PPS we do not use personal experience as evidence and rarely use photographs, this is because they can be taken out of context and only those involved with the situation can speak to the validity. I know we are a long way away from being accepted with open arms into the mainstream scientific community but I would like to at least be acknowledged.

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