Pasadena Investigation

We have completed the investigation portion of the house in Pasadena, MD. We want to thank the homeowners for contacting us about their house and allowing us to perform the investigation. Now comes the task of analyzing all the audio, video and photographic evidence we collected. Please check back for updates.




Happy New Year from Pasadena Paranormal
For 2009 we are launching a new version of the website. This blog/news post being one of the new changes. We will be using this blog as the news section of our site.

2008 was a great year for PPS, we’ve had some interesting cases that kept us busy. Our article in the Maryland Gazette during Halloween generated a lot of traffic and we thank those viewers for continuing to return. This year looks to be starting out right, we have a larger case load and we are looking to buy some more equipment and maybe bring on some new team members. For those that applied, we still have your applications and will be in touch when interviews are to take place.

Keep checking back for updates or subscribe to the news to receive email updates.

Again Have a Happy New Year.

-Pasadena Paranormal

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