After our recent article was published in the Maryland Gazette we received a huge response ranging from investigation requests, membership questions and general questions about the paranormal.

I would like to use this blog to address some of the more common questions we receive.
So here are the first few.

Q1. Can you investigate my house?
Answer: The first step is for someone to contact us through our website or phone(also listed on the web). Under our contacts page there is an area where you can “REPORT A HAUNTING” this will ask general questions about what is happening. We will then contact the homeowners about what they are experiencing, their history and the history of the home. From there we will most likely do a walkthrough and take baseline readings of temperature and EMF, we will also have several recorders going at this time. After we assess the initial evidence, the feelings of the homeowners we will decide if a case is worth further investigation.

Q2. Can I join?
Answer: Currently we are not looking to increase the size of our team, one of our advantages is that we don’t bring too many on an investigation. Our team size is proportionate to our caseload. If you would like to be considered when we do decide we need more team members you can contact us and we will supply you with an application. We have pretty tight rules that all members must adhere to, we also want people who will be there when needed. This is not a 1 time a year hobby for us, we have spent lots of time and money bringing this group to where it is today.

Q3. I’m interested in doing some paranormal investigating on my own is it safe for amateurs to do EVP?
Answer: I’d say use your instincts, if you feel that the presence is evil, leave it alone. There’s lots of theories regarding communicating with spirits, you may have heard people say not to use ouija boards because they could invite unwanted spirits to come over, well the same goes for evp. Whether you are using a board or a recorder you are doing the same thing, contacting the dead. I have not had any adverse effects of using either of these tools but I do know the possible consequences and I can accept responsibility for what happens to me. As I said just use your instincts, If you are still concerned, before you begin say a short prayer asking for protection.

Q4. I understand that a spirit may drain the battery of equipment being used. My mom and I were wondering why you can’t just place a car battery in the middle of the room for the spirit to use?

Answer: We have found that battery drain which defies normal explanation usually involves batteries which are currently in use in a circuit, (camcorders, digital recorders, flashlights, etc.) while batteries in our case remain fresh. Often when the drain is evident and can be tied to corresponding evidence on other equipment, the drain is not complete and the battery level returns. We typically do not place too much reliance on battery drain events unless we can either substantiate a paranormal event by other means, or if several pieces of equipment exhibit similar drains.
We, as I am sure everyone has at one time opened new packages of batteries only to find that one or more cells are already discharged. Debunking apparent paranormal events must also include our own equipment.
High EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields) can, if not proven to come from an earthly source indicate an area where paranormal activity may occur. The “Fear Cage” scenario produced by high EMF conditions is currently believed to not only produce adverse feelings in those who are sensitive to them, but can also act as a power source for entities to utilize. A freestanding battery, as in your car battery scenario produces no EMF field.
There are kits available which generate powerful ion sprays, allowing a localized power source for a potential entity to use. It has exposed circuitry which if accidentally touched could have disastrous results. For this reason, we do not recommend their use.

Q5. Have you ever heard of (INSERT HAUNTED LOCATION HERE)? you should investigate because (INSERT STORY OF HAUNTING HERE).

Answer: We are very knowledgeable about the popular haunted locations in the area and would love the opportunity to investigate them all. However as we try to separate ourselves from the other groups we do not A.) trespass onto a property B.) go anywhere without being invited first C.) Repeatedly ask these locations to investigate, these locations (being as popular as they are) are hounded by the many teams and groups of thrill seekers to the point that they won’t let anybody investigate. We pride ourselves in being different than most groups and if invited to investigate some of these locations, we will happily oblige. If you or someone you know could gain legal access to a haunted location please contact us.

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