FLIR, a leading company in thermal imaging devices has released their second generation thermal imaging add-on for your cell phone. It’s called the FLIR ONE. The first generation device was only designed for iPhone 5/5s. The second generation is for Android phones with a micro USB port and the latest iPhones. Do you think this can be a useful tool in paranormal investigations? Post what you think and if anyone has any experience using these.



I have seen this video popping up on my news feed lately and wanted to get some opinions on it.
Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com

The video comes from a store in New Hampshire, at the 51 second mark you will see a glass bowl fly off of the counter and shatter on the floor. What do you think? Is it paranormal or does the bowl move due to some other natural occurrence or is it a hoax?


After a long hiatus, the Pasadena Paranormal Society is back in action. We look forward to new investigations and a more active social media presence. If there’s anything you would like to see or if there’s any questions you have, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


In March of 2011 we were contacted by a client on Maryland’s Eastern shore. During our normal process of investigating we met with the client to learn about the property and get some preliminary audio evidence. Doing this lets us gauge the likelihood of capturing evidence on a full investigation, in other words, if we can get good results in a short 2 hour meeting we should be able to do the same in a 6+ hour investigation. While we did capture some good results, the clients unfortunately declined a full investigation. This of course if perfectly acceptable and we want to do whatever is most convenient for our clients. Since it has been over a year, we decided to close the case, of course if they ever need anything we will be happy to help. They did give us permission to post our findings from the preliminary investigation which you can view by going to the Investigations -> Complete tab and selecting Eastern Shore, MD or you can simply click here.


Last December we had an amazing case that took place at a funeral home. To protect our client’s business we will not disclose the name or location of the business or our client to anyone. The clients were generous enough to allow us to post our findings on this website and we are very grateful since we captured some incredible evps during our time there. To view the full case analysis you can go to the Investigations>Complete tab and open up the Central Maryland Funeral Home case or you can click the following link Funeral Home Case. If you want to skip to the EVPS use the navigation bar to go to Evidence>EVP or click here.



Normally we don’t post any evidence until a case has been complete but this evp was just too incredible not to share. We did clear it with our client and she did give her consent to release this clip.

The full investigation for this case is coming up really soon and I will not be giving out any information about the case except for what is needed in order to understand the context of this clip. This audio is from last week when Dave and Rex were meeting with the client to discuss camera placement for the upcoming investigation of a local business. During this meeting only Dave, Rex and the client were present. Two rooms away the recorder caught a very interesting evp while sitting on a desk near the entrance.

Listen to the clip and let us know what you think:


PPS Update

I know it has been a while since anything has been posted to the website and it has been even longer since we posted any new evidence or case information. The reason we’ve been so quiet lately is that the majority of our cases this year have not gone past the preliminary investigation phase. Many of these cases did not produce sufficient evidence during the preliminary meeting to warrant a full investigation while others seemed to have more natural explanations. There were also a handful of cases where the clients did not wish to proceed any further after hearing what we found during our initial visit. Since we respect the privacy of our clients we decided a long time ago that any case that does not result in a full investigation will not be shown on our website. We do have a few more cases lined up for this year and we will keep you all up to date as evidence becomes available.


The most recent question posed on our facebook page asks “In your experience​ as an investigat​or do you feel that spirits want to be contacted or do they want to be left alone?”

While some voted that the spirits do want to be contacted most felt that some want to be contacted while others do not. This seems pretty consistent with what we have experienced during our investigations as well. As you know the majority of our evidence comes in EVP form and a good deal of these audio files sound like they are the direct result of our being there. Some want us there and try to make contact by saying “HEY” or “HI”, in fact we capture “HEY” more than any other word during our investigations. Listen to the following examples captured from some of our cases through the years of spirits that want interaction.

Others seem to suggest that they want to be left alone or that they don’t want us to know they are there.


Recently we posed a question about the reliability of the Minibox as a paranormal tool on our facebook fan page. The mini-box is an ‘AM band frequency sampler’ used for experimentation of potential two way spirit communication. (similar to a “Frank’s Box” also called a “Ghost Box”) The theory is that spirits modulate sweeping radio band frequencies to form words that can be heard in a real-time scenario, thus allowing the potential for a question and answer session.

Here are some examples of successful minibox sessions that we have conducted over the past few years.

Although we have had some success with these sessions we still feel that it is not very reliable for collecting conclusive evidence of the paranormal. The theory relies on spirits being able to modulate existing radio frequencies to communicate. Because of this the probability of receiving actual voices from a radio broadcast is very high. Because of the high margin of error we feel that more experimentation needs to be conducted and a standard for acceptable responses and response time must be established  before we could consider using this tool on a regular basis.

The majority of those who voted on the poll felt the same way.

Keep checking back and on our facebook fan page  for more polls.



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